Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Well Why You Looking for Dead Folks?

When I first told my grandfather I was interested in doing my family tree he asked me why. I told him I want to know where our ancestors come from and what experiences they may have had in life. I want to reach out to long lost family members. He went on to say the only family members he had left were his baby sister and his three nieces. I knew that couldn't be true. Out of a family with nine children I knew there had to be someone else other than them and I intednded to find out who they were. When I showed him the first census image I found, he was impressed but then asked "Why you looking for dead folks?" This reaction was not uncommon to me. When I would talk about researching my family tree I was asked what is it you're looking for? Why you want to bring up the past? Even if you find your ancestors what will it do for you? One person even said to me "you might dig up something you don't want to know". Why is it so strange to people that I want to do my family tree? Why is it more people aren't interested in doing their family tree? I want to know all there is to know about my family whether it be good or bad and I will not let anyone dissuade me! Those dead folks were resilient, those dead folks have stories to be told, those dead folks helped shape who we became. Those dead folks are family!


  1. Great Post and right on point had the same said to me but they want to be remembered silence no more, thanks for sharing.